Feb 26, 2011

Love And Passion

Imperceptible, surviving with no time and space
Or maybe surviving at another thrilling dimension
Love has its distinct meanings and its grace
For melting cloud slashed sunset, in sweet detention

Wondering always about the uncertainty of life
Passion is like going to the window to yell
Carrying deoxygenated blood, leading always to strife
It needs the scorpio because they are friends in hell.

Creating a spiritual awakening, without loving intent
Against love which transcends all logic and time.
Engufled in flames, burning red hot mental torment
Blue ocean and thirst for the truth lasting a lifetime

Like a Caribbean Dream, settlement of Rainbow Bay
Is the perfect love transcending logic being so strong
That no malfeasant act nor hate can destroy it one day
It bespeaks no selfishness, it can endure for long..

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