May 29, 2013

Judges Had Crowned Ontario's Denise Garrido, 26, the New Miss Universe Canada, but They Had Made a Mistake in Tabulating the Scores ....

 On Saturday night, the judges had crowned Ontario's Denise Garrido, 26, the new Miss Universe Canada out of 57 contestants, but on Sunday morning, they admitted that they had made a mistake in tabulating the scores . The new crowned beauty was Riza Santos, 26, of Calgary.

 The 2013 pageant was held at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto.

 A follow-up post corrected the mistake, making a new list of the "final results" , and Riza became the queen.

Just 24 hours after being a winner, Garrido met Sunday with the pageant director Denis Davila, who stripped her of her sash, crown, trophy and the chance to represent the country at Miss Universe in the United States ,on December,this year.

Garrido said , “My heart sank,” declared the Star.

Davila told her that a “typo” occurred when transferring the judges’ handwritten scores into a computer program that helps to decide the winner.
 "During the validation of the computerized scoring results (which occurs the following day), a typo was discovered in the top 5 entries, which significantly impacted the final results of the competition. This is the first instance of this type of error in the 11 years that Beauties of Canada (BOC) have produced the Miss Universe Canada pageant."

After the validation of the computerized scoring results, Garrido heard that she had not finished the first but the fourth, being the third runner-up to  Santos, 26, of Calgary, Riza has to collect her crown in Toronto.

Organizers said that a typo had led to the wrong contestant being named the winner of the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

Usually, after judges score the contestants, someone inputs the results into a computer. Andrew Lopez, a spokesman for Miss Universe Canada, said that since 10 years, the lawyer Nick Macos of Black Sutherland LLP had been inputting the results, but he was not available this year. Thus, it was  left to an inexperienced pageant employee to transfer the scores; it was he who made the error.

“Every single person who does the calculation needs to be third party,” said Loza-Alvarado, a former production director and producer. “If not, it puts you in a very compromising situation.”

Davila,  the pageant director , could not be reached to explain  why another person not connected to Miss Universe Canada could not  calculate the scores.

A third-party audit demanded the list of the handwritten scores wanting to to compare it with the computer results. Lopez could not confirm who carried out the audit, but declared that the person inputting the scores the night of the pageant is not required to be independent. He also declined to comment on Loza-Alvarado’s dismissal.

Marwa Ishow, a contestant in the 2013 pageant, declared that Garrido deserved to win and the “typo” fiasco has left her and other competitors uneasy.

“How we do we know that everything else wasn’t wrong?” said Ishow, 22. “The whole pageant seems like it was staged.”

 "I've grown a lot from this experience," Garrido  told Yahoo! Shine in a phone interview. "It was a challenge at the time and was shocking to me...but it could be a great story for women everywhere.''

Last year's Miss Universe Canada pageant was also the center of controversy when transgendered contestant Jenna Talackova was barred from entering the final event. The reason was that she wasn't "born a woman." The decision was reversed some days later after public outcry.

This year, some fans, especially those from Garrido's hometown of Bradford, Ontario, couldn't accept the turnaround.

“I will always have the memory of being the 24-hour queen,” declared Garrido,. She is now too old to compete in this kind of competitions any longer.

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