Feb 26, 2011

Between visible and invisible

Your reality controls my life
With something which binds
My fleshly eye of the present
Despite itself and despite all logic
And my sharp-edged sound
Within whatsoever limits
And this love of living things
In self-assertion.
Your emotions and conations
Are the embodiment of your feelings
Your love is enclosed within them
Your life inhabiting these
You are the follower
Of your own creed
You need to be
Freed from your own illusion
And from your own constraints
I can see your
Upward motion
Between visible and invisible worlds
Aspiring ceaselessly
Stroking the notion
Absolutely saturating
I can see your intuitive vision
And your thought which thinks itself
I can see your realm of realism
Imprisoned in the identity of your thought
I am the object of your senses
And the essence of your beatitude
When we try to keep real
The words meaning.

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