Feb 26, 2011

Moonlight Sonata

The cold winter can not destroy the miraculous invincible seeds.
The germination fundamentally changes them in the earth's maternity.
It is a new life running time when the cold snow irreversible recedes, 
And a new spring embraces the deep mysteries of the magical fertility.

When the seeds germinate, they always throw out a few anchor roots.
Those splintered cracks of deep roots trying to hide inside the soils.
The tall trees need deep roots and branches to bloom and to bear fruits, 
While the whole land receives and nurtures the life it essentially contains.

When the divine spark leaps from the divine hand to the human hand, 
Making the human roots so deep as they can face the stormy time, 
Moreover, taking an ultimate shape in the law of the very green land, 
While life becomes a moonlight sonata, life which is always sublime.

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