Feb 26, 2011

Dance of love

I ride on your thighs and I embrace you with my both hands
The wind scraps our deep love dance off with the sudden gusts
Our swift flicks it several times, its tip just touching the wet sand.
The sky is blue and leaves of our tree are covered with orange rust.

My hands moved down your body before reaching your hips
The predation tremor in the early life dance of thrills flounder
Cradling my body in your arms my warm lips are against your lips
Your thoughts made me shiver as my eyes wandered endlessly over

You take small steps and make the turn into and become a part of my dance.
In the next instant an explosion of dawn light and the stirrings of happiness herald
You gonna take me to a place where I can shine, take me high feel so high trance
I keep the new world in the grain of green, I see love in your eyes of emerald.

You keep real close, lover whispers to my ear, I fly to the heavens’ high
You run your fingers through my hair, then dance your lips in orbital circle
Yet another rip in the space time continuum, and a return of perfect fry,
Our love makes slain the sentinel, a deity who is surrounding our crepuscle

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