Jan 27, 2016



My poetry reveals some concepts using a philosophical line belonging to existentialism. While extrapolating this relationship between the human being and nature, I've tried to underline the immanence of God. My work is influenced by the philosophy found in writings belonging to Plato, Kafka, Hegel, Kant, Kierkegaard, and others while pleading for a spiritual awakening. The verses are outspoken on issues of love sufferings, violence against women, natural disasters, deprivation of liberty, the human condition, and human regression.
This volume comprises my poetry work. It includes philosophical, religious and love poems as well as several poetic pieces about life, nature, sound, dance, color and death. It also contains Quatern, Rondeau, Ottava Rima, Ekphrastic, Pantoum, Kyrielle Sonnet, Villanelle, Alexandrine, Mirror Sestet, Quintain, Rondelet, Triolet, Alliteration, Tanka, Haiku, Senryu, Sextuple, Crystalline, Choka, Tetractys, Fable, Boketto, Palindrome, Acrostic, Fibonacci, Hexaverse, Triquatrain, Dadaist, Terza Rima, Spenserian Sonnet, Jintishi, Sestina, Complex, Oxymoron, Cinqku, Kimo and Monoku poems. I wanted to sense the essential human existence and to extrapolate it to infinity and to God. The poems themselves covered some symbolistic and antagonist ideas.
My poetry broke some old ideas for a new vision for life. They came into being in a new surrealistic world. I wanted to sense the essential human existence and to extrapolate it to infinity, or more exactly, to God. The poems themselves covered some symbolism and antagonist ideas such as those of lightness and darkness or goodness and badness.
My work revealed the tortured psyche of the human being in a fight with its own regression.

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