Feb 26, 2011


 If we could combine
the perfectly good and the perfectly evil,
we would obtain the imperfection.
If we could take
a piece of paradise
and a piece of hell
and we could gather them in us,
our souls would become less beautiful.
Because the truth of inside would swallow
the lie of inside and, indeed,
the absolute truth would be relative.
And if our love could swallow
our hatred,
than we would love less.
If me and you together,
we could form an amphora,
by trying to find the absolute truths
in a new and perfect love for Him,
we would need all our faith
to remove
all the lies and all our hatred from us.
If our lie and our hatred
could become two trenchant
and if we could choose Lucifer for hitting
our relative truths,
in terms of mathematics,
than they would fall, by becoming
downright uncertainties.
The wounded love would disappear in us
and we would turn into salt stones,
as Lot's wife, by seeing Sodom burning..
And if the truth of us
could rather be equal to the lie, inside,
as love and hate
could be equal,
we would become
absolutely nil,
by dying slowly and and by melting ourselves
in nothingness..
So, the reason for saving every second of us,
by looking for purity,
while the absolute truth and the absolute lie
are in no touching,
is that their arguments are always perfect....

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