Oct 5, 2012

God's Truth

''Should I lie against my right? my wound [is] incurable without transgression.''-Job 34:5
 Lying  is a sin of commission, when it is evident ,but it can be a sin of omission ,when people know to say the truth and don't do it.There are also truths, that are  hidden  because of greed, jealousy, envy, or pride.The most common sin  is the sin of denial. This sin is about people lying to themselves or lying to anyone else. Denial is being out of touch with reality. It can become a silent killer. Some people deny their true feelings, or they deny their motives. In time, they deny many of their sins, and they end up believing their own lies while  distorting  the truth, including God's truth. They don't realize that this is a  self-destructive way to live.

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