Feb 26, 2011

Cobalt violet

With white flowers of Hibiscus tiliaceus purau blooming in the morning, yet, 
With colors varying during day until they fall from the tree at night, 
Those colors changing to yellow, pink, fuchsia, purple and finally violet.
With blue, violet or brown mountains, depending on the light.

With endless lagoon having an incomparable luminosity and hues varying 
From jade green to turquoise tinged with violet, subjugating our eyes, 
With a very long string of islets, in the middle of the ocean lying
And reef shores with red anemones, violet sea urchins and giant shells.

At noonday, with the lagoon flames of cobalt, viridian and agate searing the sight.
With glare of white light along the sands muting to an amethystine glimmer, 
And cobalt changing to murex, the viridian to green-purple at the night.
Keeping so vivid in the moonlight the hyacinthine hues of the peaks across the river.

With mauve coral reefs and rose, violet pearls, as the mystical realms
Tahiti comes itself in the pearly light of a sunrise dawn for purifying
With villages glowing against shadows of violet within the forest of palms, 
Shuddering for the gladness of the wind, through the water singing.

Hibiscus syriacus flower, cobalt violet fischer and amethyst are certainly violet
But an unique cobalt violet used Gauguin to paint Tahiti along with emerald green
He watched the pure color with his professional eye, at dawn with ultraviolet
And his paintings are not only famous but more beautiful that I have ever seen.

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