Feb 26, 2011

Protests across Yemen

Protests spread across Yemen on Wednesday
Demanding an end to the president
Policemen fired in the air then forced their way
To disperse the crowd of the people present.

A foreign plot led the Arab world in chaos,
One thousand people marched on the Sanaa street
Some consecutive days protesting with pathos
Ali Abdullah Saleh trying to defeat.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh
Against al Qaeda had been allied with US
But he has began to smoke his nargileh
When he heard 'down with the president's thugs.'

Lawyers, students, and activists together
Marched chanting slogans against President
From Sanaa University toward the city center
And they held their truths to be self-evident.

Riot police blocked the main road of the city
And clashed with protesters throwing stones.
The government supporters with no pity
Staged a counter-demonstration in those zones.

It's about al-Qaida and counterterrorism
And spoke on condition of anonymity
Some tribal leaders with their power as mesmerism
Because it was a subject having sensitivity.

Yemen, a Middle East country having eucalypt
And grievances like corruption and poverty,
Felt aftershocks of pro-reform uprisings in Egypt
While it was trying to grind its tribal complexity.

This country staid in contrast to the Jordan wealth
Even Bahrain people protested for economic justice
With tea and kabobs they protected their health
While they were putting pressure on king to make changes.

Hundreds of Bedouin men blocked roads to demand
Government all they should have, a job and a house,
Moreover, to return their once owned land
For that they waved flags, chanted and erected banners.

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