Mar 14, 2011

Nature And Sunset

While the red butterfly melts its wings
Within the light in the poppy chain
The pink gray cloud of the sunset rings.
On the gray pink sky the light rays

And throw our love in cold bloody pain.
The leaving sun abandons the sky
For a while and like the crickets crawl,
The whispers of leaves seems to say "Bye!"

The coming night seems to be a haul
Looking at the moon with a black eye.
The sun and the moon finds synergy
Light becomes gray regolith of moon

With helium fusing energy.
The moon looks like a yellow balloon,
Being swaddled in a big cocoon.
Or like our thoughts enveloped in words,

When our souls are surrounded by love
Having white feathers like Holy birds
Sometimes being like globs which rain down
For giving us some divine awards.

Like a rain of love human spheres
Pouring up to Him when they can hook
Or falling back down to disappear.
People start to keep a dying look,

And the air has a fragrance of fear.
Their waves are liquid shocking insight,
Never reaching the infinity.
They are like rays in the pure light.

The light is an arch for Trinity,
While dressed in wind seems to be the night,
Stars are candles and God lights them all.
The colors withdraw in the lost light
In the black darkness they look so small.
The seeds of dream germinate for fight
Becoming real for breaking their wall.

The poem is a double Quintain (English and Sicilian)
Marieta Maglas

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